Coax Cable Stripper No. 2

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  • Automatically adjusting cutting depth makes stripping of cables between 4.8mm and 7.5mm Ø easy.
  • Two level stripping of all common coaxial cables. Strip the outer layer than the second without adjustments.
  • 0mm to 17mm length scale integrated into the housing.
  • Able to be used with many types of flexible cable.

Our Coax Cable Stripper No. 2 is designed specifically for stripping coaxial cables. This high quality and simple to use tool allows for two or three level stripping of all common types of coaxial cable, NYM cables and flexible cables.

This stripper automatically adjusts to the cable you’re working with which means there’s no need to manually adjust the cutting depth. It can be used to strip coax cables between 4.8mm and 7.5mm diameter, NYM cables of 3 x 0.75mm² and flexible cables with a cross-section between 10mm² and 16mm².

Using our No. 2 Coax Cable Stripper is easy. Open the tool and place over the end of the cable at the desired length. Rotate around (about a half turn in each direction) and pull back the stripped sheathing. With the outer layer now stripped, the process can be repeated for the second layer as desired. The ergonomic design really helps and reduces the chance of the tool slipping from your hands.

Honestly, it’s a little hard to communicate how easy this is in words. The video available via the link at the top or the Media tab on this page does a far better job..

Our Coax Cable Stripper No. 2 is manufactured in Germany by Weicon. Weicon have been making cable tools for over 50 years and continue to be trusted by electricians, hobbyists and professionals the world over because of their consistent innovation and the quality of their build.

This tool is no different and is manufactured from specialised fibreglass reinforced plastic with high quality steel from Solingen in Germany. It has been safety tested by TUV Nord and is very lightweight at just 28gm. The tool measures just 110mm long so it won’t take up too much room in the toolbox.

Coaxial Cable Stripper No. 2 Cable Compatability.

This high quality tool works with a wide variety of different cables. The image below (click to expand) provides a overview of just some of the types. It will also work with many other, similar styled, cables and wires.

Coax Cable Stripper No. 2 Quick Reference Guide

Cable Type Coaxial Cables, Antenna and Transmission Cables, Flexible Cables
Field of Use Coaxial Cables with an external diameter between 4.8mm & 7.5mm
NYM 3 x 0.75mm²
Flexible Cables with a cross-section between 10mm² & 16mm²
Inner Blade Glued in place, not replaceable.
Additional Features / Benefits Multi-Level Stripping with 2 different blade spacings.
Approvals / Certifications Safety Tested by TUV NORD
Material Fibreglass Reinforced Polyamide
Length 110mm
Weight 28gm


SKU SWM000196B01V0001
Model # 52000002
Brand Weicon

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