Data Cable Stripper No. 30

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  • Fast, safe and accurate stripping of control cables, patch cables, telephone lines and bus lines. 
  • Used on insulated or shielded cables between 0.05mm² and 0.5mm² cross section (4mm to 10mm Ø). 
  • Adjustable length stops so you can strip just what's needed. 
  • Integrated side cutter for cutting flexible cables up to 8mm Ø. 

Our Data Cable Stripper No. 30 is a versatile and easy to use cable stripping tool (see the video below for proof). It has been designed specifically for data cables, telephone cables, control cables and other types of special cables and lines.  

This tool can be adjusted to strip different insulation thicknesses depending on your requirements. The inner blade is set using the small regulating wheel on the tool and can be used to strip insulations between 0.2mm and 1.4mm thick. This allows for precision setting of the blade so that you can lightly score the cable shielding for easy removal. 

This stripper is compatible with insulated or shielded cables between 0.05mm² and 0.5mm² cross section (4mm to 10mm Ø). 

This main blade on our No. 30 Data Cable Stripper is removal and replaceable. That said, since it's made from high quality German steel from Solingen, the working lifetime is incredibly long so replacement will not in any way be a regular occurrence. 

Our Data Cable Stripper 30 is often used to dismantle and strip...

  • Cables for fire alarm systems.
  • Cables for telecommunications systems.
  • Electronic control lines.
  • Industrial electronic cables.
  • BUS cable.
  • Patch cable with film shielding for local networks.
  • Cat 7 data cable.
  • Many, many more.

Also built into this tool is a very handy side cutter. This can be used to cut cables up to 8mm diameter and eliminates the need for having 1 tool to cut and another to strip. 

Our Data Cable Stripper No. 30 is manufactured by Weicon in Germany. Weicon have been making cable tools since 1967 and continue to produce high quality, innovative tools that are trusted the world over. This one is no exception. Our No. 30 has a casing made from fibreglass reinforced polyamide so it's tough, strong and long lasting. The blades are made from very high quality German steel while the whole tool is safety tested by TUV Nord. 

To see just how easy this tool is to use, we really suggest having a look at the demonstration video linked above or via the Media tab on this page.

Data Cable Stripper No. 30 Cable Compatability.

This high quality tool works with a wide variety of complex data, telecom and signalling cables. The image below (click to expand) provides a overview of just some of the types. It will also work with many other, similar styled, cables and wires.

Data Cable Stripper No. 30 Quick Reference Guide

Cable Types Data Cables, Telephone Lines, Control Cables, Specialised Cables
Field of Use Cables with an Outer Diameter Between 4mm and 10mm (0.05mm² to 0.5mm² Cross-Section)
Insulation Thickness Between 0.2mm and 1.4mm
Inner Blade Blade is Adjustable and Replaceable
Additional Features / Benefits Side Cutter (for Cable up to 8mm Ø)
Approvals / Certifications Safety Tested by TUV NORD
Material Fibreglass Reinforced Polyamide
Length 125mm
Weight 60gm
Accessories Replacement Blade Set (# 52953030)


SKU SWM000199B01V0001
Model # 52000030
Brand Weicon

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