3M Scotch 23 Rubber Splicing Electrical Tape - 19mm Wide x 9 Metres

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  • Highly conformable, and easy to use self-amalgamating high voltage electrical tape.
  • Mechanical and electrical properties unaffected by degree of stretch.
  • Can be used to splice and terminate cables with emergency overload temperature ratings of up to 130°C.

3M Scotch 23 Rubber Splicing Electrical Tape is a highly conformable grade of self-fusing (self-amalgamating) electrical tape used for splicing and terminating medium voltage cables. This self-amalgamating tape creates a secure, water resitant, tight bond by fusing to itself. 3M Scotch 23 Rubber Splicing Electrical tape is manufactured from a highly conformable Ethylene Propylene Rubber backing and can be wrapped tightly over most profiles including awkward or irregular shapes. 

3M Scotch 23 Tape can be stretched to up to double its original length during application (without affecting electrical or physical mechanical properties) and can be used to create a void-free, weather and moisture resistant insulation barrier. 

Scotch 23 Rubber Splicing Electrical Tape is black in colour, 0.76mm thick and is used as primary insulation for cable jointing and terminating up to 69kV with up to a 90°C continuous operating temperature and 130°C emergency overload temperature rating. It can also be used as a primary insulation barrier for building stress cones on cables up to 35 kV.

Each roll of 3M Scotch 23 Rubber Splicing Electrical Tape is supplied with a special polyester liner that is easy to remove and prevents the tape from fusing while packaged.

Scotch 23 Cable Compatability.

Scotch 23 Electrical Tape is compatible with all solid dielectric cable insulation types, including:

  • Polyethylene (high and low density).
  • Oil based rubber.
  • Butyl rubber.
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
  • Cross linked polyethylene (XLP).

Applications for 3M Scotch 23 Electrical Tape.

  • Sealing and protecting electrical connections from moisture and environmental influences.
  • Termination sealing of high voltage cables.
  • Jacketing for high voltage splices and terminations.
  • Primary insulation for cable jointing, splicing and terminating up to 69 kV (69,000 volts).
  • Primary insulation for building stress cones up to 35 kV (35,000 volts).
  • Bus bar insulation.

3M and Scotch are registered trademarks of 3M.

Colour Black
Backing Material Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR)
Thickness (Overall) 0.76mm
Ultimate Elongation 1,000%
Continuous Operating Temperature 90°C
Short-Term Operating Temperature 130°C
Dielectric Strength 31.5 mV/m
Tensile Strength 1.4 KN/m
SKU SWM000018B01
Brand 3M

Will this stick to other things?

No. 3M Scotch 23 is designed to only stick to itself. To prevent unwanted premature adhesion each roll is supplied with an easy to remove polyester liner that should be taken off as you apply the tape.

One tip, make sure you leave the liner on any tape you don’t use from a roll. If you don’t the rolls layers will bond together.

Can this tape be used outdoors?

Yes. 3M Scotch 23 Rubber Splicing Electrical Tape is split resistant, crack resistant, slip resistant and flag resistant even when used outdoors.

How do I apply it?

3M Scotch 23 should be applied in half-lapped (50% overlap), level-wound layers until your desired build-up is achieved. To ensure you don’t create voids, try to stretch (elongate) the tape as you put it on. One of the benefits of 3M Scotch 23 is its ability to not only stretch but retain its physical and electrical properties regardless of the amount of stretch on it.

For more detail installation instructions and techniques, we strongly suggest you consult the Technical Data Sheet for 3M Scotch 23 Rubber Splicing Electrical tape which is located on the media tab.