Fast Metal Minute Adhesive - 24ml

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  • Thick, pasty epoxy adhesive that is ideal for gap filling and covering larger bonding gaps.
  • Very short pot life and very fast cure times.
  • Versatile epoxy adhesive for joining metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, stone, wood and fibre reinforced materials (like fibreglass or epoxy glass sheeting).

Applications for Fast Metal Minute Adhesive

  • Bonding and joining metal sheets, parts and components with high strength.
  • Bonding metal to stone, plastic, fibre reinforced materials, glass, ceramic or wood.
  • Filling gaps in a range of different materials and parts.
  • Making repairs to epoxy glass parts and components.
  • Joining and bonding of components for electrical applications.
  • Quick repairs to reattached loose or broken metal joins and parts.
  • A wide range of repair, production and maintenance applications in the marine, transport, facilities management, agricultural, mining and power generation sectors.

Fast Metal Minute Adhesive is a versatile grade of epoxy adhesive with a variety of uses. It is perfect for bonding metal, plastic, wood, stone, ceramics, glass and fibre reinforced materials. It is a high strength adhesive with a pasty consistency and the ability to bridge larger bonding gaps and fill holes.

Manufactured by Weicon in Germany, Fast Metal Minute Adhesive is produced from epoxy resin with steel fillers. It can be applied directly to vertical surfaces and cures with excellent residual elasticity to absorb some movement in the joined pieces once it’s cured.

This two-part epoxy is supplied in the special hand-operated double cartridge system. This ensures that you get the correct quantities of both part A & B without having to measure. It can be dispensed without the need for any special equipment.

True to its name, Fast Metal Minute Adhesive cures very quickly (especially by epoxy adhesive standards). Pot life is just 4 minutes and it will achieve handling strength (35%) after around 40 minutes. Mechanical strength (50%) will be reached after approximately 2 hours (depending on curing conditions). Final strength will take about 24 hours.

Once it has cured, Fast Metal Minute Adhesive will be grey in colour. It can be used to cover gaps up to 4mm. It also has good temperature resistance and withstands environments between -50°C to and +145°C.

This epoxy adhesive creates very high strength bonds and joins between a variety of materials. On sand-blasted average tensile shear strength was measured to be 20 N/mm², 19 N/mm² for aluminium and 11 N/mm² for roughened, rigid PVC sheet. 

Colour (After Curing) Dark Grey
Continuous Operating Temperature -50°C to +145°C (After Cure)
Basis Steel Filled Epoxy Resin
Mix Ratio 1:1 (Resin to Hardener)
Pot Life for 10ml of Material @ 20°C 3-4 Minutes
Viscosity of the Mixture 300,000 MPa
Curing Temperature +6°C to +40°C
Maximum Gap Covering Power 4mm
Handling Strength (35% Of Final) 40 Minutes (When Curing At 20°C)
Mechanical Strength (50% of Final) 2 Hours (When Curing At 20°C)
Final Strength (100% Cured) 24 Hours (When Curing At 20°C)
Average Strength, Pressure 10 MPa (DIN 53281-83, 25°C)
Average Strength, Tensile 24 MPa (DIN 53281-83, 25°C)
Average Strength, Torsion 58 MPa (DIN 53281-83, 25°C)
Shore Hardness 70 Shore D
Linear Shrinkage 0.3% Approx.
Electrical Resistance 1013 Ω/cm (ASTM D 257)
Dielectric Strength 1.2 kV/mm (ASTM D 149)
Thermal Conductivity 1.11 W/m·K (ASTM D 257)
IMPA Reference 81 29 81
ISSA Reference 75.629.51
Average Tensile Shear Strength (DIN 53281-83)
Steel, Sand-Blasted 20 N/mm²
Aluminium, Sand-Blasted 19 N/mm²
Rigid PVC, Roughened 11 N/mm²

For more technical details, information on how to use this epoxy adhesive, and a chemical compatability table, please refer to the Technical Data Sheet on our Fast Metal Minute Adhesive located on the media tab. Copies of the Safety Data Sheets are also available there.

SKU SWM000127B01V0001
Model # 10551024
Brand Weicon

Do I Need A Mixing Nozzle?

No, Fast Metal Minute Adhesive is not designed for any kind of nozzle to be added to the pack. Instead, using only your hands, you push the end to force the mix out onto the surface you are bonding or the gap you are filling. You then mix it manually with a small piece of plastic or a paddle-pop stick.

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