Easy-Mix Metal Epoxy Adhesive - 50ml

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  • Self-levelling and viscous.
  • Fast cure time (50% after 2 hours).
  • Very high bond strength with metals.
  • Also compatible with many plastics, fibre reinforced materials, ceramic, glass, stone & wood.

Our Easy-Mix Metal is a professional-grade epoxy adhesive designed especially for bonding metal parts. This quality glue is manufactured by Weicon in Germany and uses their Easy-Mix dosing system.

This means that, even though it is a two part adhesive, the special nozzle handles all the mixing for you. The two components are mixed as they travel down the special Helix Mixing Nozzle so that the glue is ready for use as it hits the bonding surface.

Easy-Mix Metal Epoxy is typically used for high strength bonding of metal parts but is also quite compatible with a variety of other materials. It can bridge larger gaps (up to 4mm) and sets hard.

More information on the various features and attributes of this epoxy glue is presented in the following sections:

Viscous, Self-Levelling Epoxy Adhesive.

Easy-Mix Metal has a thick, viscous nature. This glue has a viscosity of 300,000 mPa∙S which makes it an ideal candidate for jobs that require very accurate application.

The pasty nature of our Easy-Mix Metal also allows it to be used for bonding in jobs with larger gap filling requirements or tolerances. Easy-Mix Metal can bridge gaps up to 4mm.

Fast Curing Epoxy.

Though it’s quite thick (viscous), Easy-Mix Metal still offers a fast cure time. Like all epoxies (and most glues in general), this depends a bit on the temperature you are working in. The table below provides a summary:

Typical Cure Time @ 20°C.
35%, Handling Strength 4-5 Minutes.
50%, Capable of Mechanical Loads 2 Hours
100%, Full Cure 24 Hours

Strong Adhesive Force.

Our Easy-Mix Metal is designed for permanent bonding. The strength of the bond will depend on several factors including surface preparation (cleaning and roughening when possible are always recommended) and the materials used.

This industrial epoxy has been extensively tested. Below is a list of some of the median shear strength ratings (according to DIN 53283 standards) achieved with Easy-Mix Metal.

Shear Strength (According to DIN 53283)
Aluminium, Sand Blasted 19 N/mm²
Steel, Sand Blasted 20 N/mm²
PVC, Hand Roughened 11 N/mm²

Easy-Mix Metal Material Compatibility.

This industrial epoxy adhesive can be used with all kinds of different material types. It is compatible with:

  • All types of Metal.
  • Composite materials such as Epoxy Fibreglass Sheet, Polyester Glass and Fibreglass Laminates.
  • Wood.
  • Stone, Brick and Concrete.
  • Glass and Ceramics.
  • Most Plastics (including PVC, Nylon, ABS and Polycarbonate).

Low surface energy plastics such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene and PTFE can be an issue and a test is recommended before trying to bond these at scale. Easy-Mix HT Metal is not suggested for bonding rubber.

Easy-Mix Dosing System Removes Complex Mixing.

The Weicon Easy-Mix Dosing System eradicates complex mixing and measuring and makes getting the right amount of glue, where you need it, simple.

Simply slot the container of Easy-Mix Metal into a compatible dispensing pistol (we suggest the Weicon D 50) and attach the Helix Mixing Nozzle (one is included with each container). That’s it. When you pull the trigger the two parts that make up Easy-Mix HT Metal Epoxy Adhesive will be mixed as they travel along the nozzle so that, by the time they reach the surface, you have a single homogenous adhesive.

There's more information on how to work with Easy-Mix Metal Epoxy Adhesive on the TDS and in our Easy-Mix Metal & D50 Dispensing Gun Demo Video. Both are available via the Media Tab.

Spare mixing nozzles are also available, and the gun works with a variety of our adhesives, so you can mix and match depending on your particular requirements.

Basis Epoxy Resin
Colour After Curing Grey-Green
Density of the Mixture 1.8 g/cm³
Mixing Ratio 1:1
Viscosity of the Mixture 300.000 mPa∙S
Application Procedure Easy-Mix
Pot Life (at 20°C, 10ml of Adhesive) 4-5 Minutes
Handing Strength (35% of Final) 40 Minutes
Capable of Bearing Mechanical Loads
(50% of Final)
2 Hours
Processing Temperature +10°C to +30°C
Curing Temperature +6°C to +40°C
Fully Cured (100%) 24 Hours
Adhesive Gap Bridging (max.) 4mm
Temperature Resistance (After Curing) -50°C to +145°C Continuous
Shore Hardness 70 Shore D
E-Modul 4,000 to 4,500 MPa
Linear Shrinkage 0.3%
Median Strength of the Pure Epoxy Resin (DIN 53281-83)
Pressure 10 MPa
Pull 24 MPa
Bending 58 MPa
Shear Strength (According to DIN 53281)
Aluminium, Sand Blasted 19 N/mm²
Steel, Sand Blasted 20 N/mm²
PVC, Hand Roughened 11 N/mm²


SKU SWM000266B01V0001
Model # 10652050
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