Heat Shrink Tube, Chemical Resistant Black - 3.2mm Dia x 200 Metres Long (2:1 Shrink)

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  • Single Wall Heat Shrink Tubing with a 2 to 1 Shrink Ratio.
  • Enhanced Resistance to Chemicals, Diesel Fuel and Lubricating Oils.
  • Withstands a Wider Temperature Range (-75°C to +150°C).
  • Designed for Automotive and Marine Applications.
  • Available in a Range of Sizes (Pre-Cut Lengths Also Available).

Our Chemical, Diesel and Oil Resistant High Temp. Heat Shrink is designed for more demanding applications.

This high quality grade of insulation sleeving is tougher than our standard grade of single wall heat shrink and is able to withstand a wider range of chemicals and temperatures.

This page lists all our sizes of this premium, industrial-grade heat shrink tube available in full rolls / bulk spools. We are also pleased to offer this same quality tubing in pre-cut 1.2 metre lengths. You can browse that range of sizes here.

Our Chemical Resistant Heat Shrink has good compatibility with diesel fuels, hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils and a variety of other chemicals. 

A high temperature grade, it can handle continuous temperatures between -75°C and +150°C. Full recovery temperature for this style is 200°C.

In addition to the enhanced temp resistance, this heat shrink is flame retardant and self-extinguishing. It meets the requirements of UL224 VW1 flammability standards and has been tested in accordance with ASTM-D2671 Procedure B.

This chemical and heat resistant sleeving also exhibits enhanced physical attributes and good resistance to abrasion to protect wires and cables long-term. A breakdown of tensile strength, elongation and more is provided on the specifications tab.

Our Chemical, Diesel and Oil Resistant High Temp Heat Shrink is RoHS Compliant. It also has very good electrical insulation characteristics. Rated voltage is 600V and dielectric strength if >11.9kV/mm.

Property Typical Value Test Method
Colour Black  
Shrink Ratio 2:1  
Tensile Strength ≥11.7 MPa ASTM-D412
Tensile Strength - After Ageing ≥10.4 MPa 150°C for 168h
Tensile Strength - After Fluid Resistance >10.3 MPa AS23053/16
Elongation ≥400% ASTM-D412
Elongation - After Ageing ≥200% 150°C for 168h
Elongation - After Fluid Resistance ≥200% AS23053/16
Longitudinal Shrink Ratio + 10 UL224
Operating Temperature -75°C to +150°C IEC216
Full Recovery Temperature 200°C  
Heat Shock No Cracking 225°C for 4h
Flammability Pass ASTM-D2671 Procedure B
RoHS Compliance Yes  
Rated Voltage 600V  
Dielectric Strength ≥11.9kV/mm ASTM-D2671
Approval Pass AMS-DTL-23053/16
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