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Smoothing Agent 500ml

A simple and reliable way to get a smooth surface finish on Weicon Elastic Adhesives and Sealants. Our Smoothing Agent is compatible with our Weicon PS Polymers, Silicones and Urethane Elastics.

Special Mixing Nozzle for Easy-Mix PE-PP

A special type of mixing nozzle for a special type of adhesive. These nozzles are designed just for use with Easy-Mix PE-PP 45 and can handle the tiny glass beads present in this glue. Easy to attach and very simple to use.

Stainless Steel Repair Stick

A quick and easy to apply epoxy that has a colour that approximates that of stainless. This type is NSF approved for use with drinking water systems and in food preparation areas. It is also fast curing and non-corrosive.
From $17.77

Steel Repair Stick

A steel filled epoxy resin putty that is very easy to use and sets fast. It cures to form a tough, hard, long lasting mass that is perfect for repairs to metal parts as well as hard plastics, wood, fibre-reinforced sheets & more.
From $13.18

Super-Tack Adhesive Sealant

A very high strength adhesive sealant with an exceptionally high degree of initial adhesion. Super-Tack sticks very fast, works with most materials and surfaces and can be used to replace traditional fasteners for vertically aligned parts and surfaces.
From $26.34

Titanium Repair Stick

An industrial repair putty that withstands extremely high temperatures (up to 280°C continuous) and is tough, resilient and hard wearing. This grade bonds very well to metal surfaces and is ideal for repairs to high temperature parts.
From $17.90

Urethane 45 Polyurethane Compound - 500gm Kit

A high quality 2-part compound for making Urethane parts, coatings and for bonding. Urethane 45 is liquid when mixed and cures to form an elastic, impact resistant product with very high tensile and tear strength.

Urethane 60 Polyurethane Compound - 500gm Kit

A high quality 2-part compound for making Urethane parts, coatings and for bonding. Urethane 60 is liquid when mixed and cures to form an elastic, impact resistant product with very high tensile and tear strength.

VA 100 Universal Super Glue

A versatile super glue that works with most material types without sacrificing bond strength. VA 100 is transparent and works with rubbers, metals, glass, ceramic, plastics, leather, wood and more.
From $5.67

VA 1401 Super Glue

A universal style of cyanoacrylate with a medium viscosity and fast cure time. VA 1401 Super Glue is highly compatible with rubber, plastics, foam, fabric, paper and large pored elastomers.
From $18.41

VA 180 HT High Temperature Super Glue

Specially designed super glue for bonding jobs that will be exposed to high heat (180°C). Excellent performance in environments with highly variable temperatures, medium viscosity and compatible with a large range of materials.
From $65.31

VA 200 HR Humidity Resistant Super Glue - 30gm Tube

Designed for long term performance in environments with variable or high humidity, VA 200 HR Super Glue is widely used for repairs to items kept outdoors, in kitchens, laundries, inside electronics and other areas where moisture and/or warmth vary.

VA 2500 HT Super Glue

A specialised, industrial-quality super glue for demanding applications. VA 2500 HT can handle temperatures up to 140°C and cures with good residual elasticity. It has excellent resistance to humidity and is available in a range of sizes.
From $34.13

VA 30 Black Rubber Filled Super Glue

A super glue with greater residual elasticity, impact resistance, peel strength and temperature tolerance (140°C). This grade bonds well to most materials and is ideal for high humidity areas or those where temperatures change a lot.
From $19.55

VA 8312 Industrial Super Glue

A high strength, fast curing and low viscosity cyanoacrylate. VA 8312 is highly compatible with plastic and rubber. This versatile glue also bonds well to metal, leather and balsa wood and has been ISEGA recognised.
From $9.60

VA 8406 Industrial Super Glue

A very fast curing and compatible with a large variety of materials. Weicon VA 8406 Super Glue is highly reliable, creates strong bonds and can be used in a range of applications. It’s particularly good at bonding plastics and rubbers.
From $10.06

VA Contact Gel Super Glue

A very thick and pasty type of cyanoacrylate, Contact Gel Super Glue works well with almost all materials and is slow curing to allow you to position objects after applying the glue. It’s perfect for bonding porous materials like leather, cork or sponge.
From $16.41

VM 120 Super Glue

A special kind of super glue developed especially for bonding metal parts and components. VM 120 is methyl ester based and has a slightly extended cure time to allow you a few seconds to position the parts after you apply the glue.
From $17.37

Weiconlock Activator F

A specialised primer that speeds up the cure of our Weiconlock adhesives and allows there use at lower temperatures, with more materials and for bridging larger gaps.
From $25.80

Weiconlock AN 302-21 Threadlocking Adhesive

A thread locker for small gauge threaded parts that need to be undone from time to time. Weiconlock AN 302-21 is a low strength, removable thread locker that allows easy disassembly. It is vibration proof and non-marking.
From $31.81

Weiconlock AN 302-22 Thread Locking Adhesive

A low strength, medium viscosity thread locker for connections that you want to be able to disassemble in the future. AN 302-22 withstands 150°C and is vibration-proof. Perfect for automotive and marine thread locking applications.
From $19.73

Weiconlock AN 302-60 Threadlocking Adhesive

An anaerobic adhesive designed to work with passive materials (like aluminium, nickel, gold, zinc and chrome) without the need for an additional primer. 302-60 is a permanent thread locker with a high cure strength and temp. resistance.
From $21.37

Weiconlock AN 302-70 Threadlocking Adhesive

A high strength, medium viscosity thread locker. AN 302-70 is used on threaded parts and stud bolts. It creates a permanent seal and will make these parts very hard to disassemble. Green in colour and DVGW approved for use with gas.
From $19.21

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