Cable Dismantling Tool No. 25

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  • Versatile Stripping Tool that can be used for round and length cutting.
  • Adjustable cutting depth allows you to get through sheaths up to 5mm in thickness.
  • Designed for cables over 25mm Ø.
  • Professional quality tool made from premium materials for long lasting performance.

Our Cable Dismantling Tool No. 25 is a very high-quality cable tool designed for stripping and dismantling large diameter cables. This tool can be used to strip insulation layers with a thickness between 0mm and 5mm.

The cutting blade can be used for round and length cuttings. For the round cut a minimum cable diameter of 25mm is necessary. The cutting of the outside insulation will be affected by a slight lever movement and simultaneous pressing of the tooth system to the insulation (the demonstration video linked above and on the media tab shows this well).

The sections below explain this tool in more detail.

Strip and Dismantle Large Cables.

The No. 25 Cable Dismantling Tool is able to be used on almost all cables over 25mm in diameter (it can be used on some smaller ones, just not for work around the cable, just along it).

It can be used to cut the insulation from either the cable end, or part ways along a length of cable.

The cutting depth of the tool can be easily adjusted in very small increments to prevent damage to the underlying conductors. By turning the screw head on the tool, cut-depth can be adjusted in 0.1mm steps. Via this method, insulation thicknesses between 0mm and 5mm can be accurately stripped.

Curved Blade Tip Ensures Conductor Protection.

The integrated double-sided cutting blade has a curved design which helps limit the potential for accidental damage to the conductors beneath the insulation. This design ensures minimal yet sufficient contact between blade and sheathing.

The blades themselves are made from 48 HRC, high quality steel and are extremely durable and long lasting. Spare blades are also available if they are ever required and are easily interchangeable.

Safe Cable Stripping.

The overall design of the Weicon No. 25 Cable Dismantling Tool ensures that you or your workers hands are kept away from the blades themselves. Since they’re located underneath the holding and contact points, there’s little chance of accidents.

Professional-Grade, High Quality Cable Dismantling Tool.

Manufactured in Germany by Weicon, our No. 25 Cable Dismantling Tool is designed for extremely demanding applications and is widely used in heavy industries around the world where large cables are found.

The body of the tool is made from a shock-resistant, high density polyamide while the cutting blades are made from steel with a hardness rating of 48 HRC.

These blades can be swapped out if ever required.

Each No. 25 Cable Tool also comes with a plastic storage case.

Cable Types Cables with Insulating Sheath Thickness of up to 5mm
Field of Use Cables above 25mm diameter for length and round cutting.
Inner Blade Adjustable in 0.1mm Increments. 
Storage Box Included Yes
Approvals EN 10020
Material Shock Resistant Polyamide, Steel, Brass.
Length 210mm
Weight 220gm
Accessories Spare Blades.


SKU SWM000272B01V0001
Model # 52000025
Brand Weicon