Gasket Paper & Gasket Fibre Sheet


Whether you need to make a gasket for a small pool pump or a large generator, our range of Gasket Paper and Sheet has the material you need. We’ve worked with these materials for years and are happy to be able to offer them to you in a wide selection of thicknesses and sheet sizes. Combined with our gasket cutting equipment, you’ll be able to find everything you need to make the exact gasket required.

Alapin Industrial Gasket Material

A versatile, high quality grade of compressed gasket fibre. Alapin Industrial Gasket Material has very good compatibility with water, oil, fuels, oils, natural gas and a range of other media. Withstands up to 340°C and is available in a selection of sizes

From $24.75

C6327 Gasket Material for Fuels & Oils

A conformable gasket material used at lower pressure and temperatures. C6327 has a high rubber content and swells when used with oils and fuels. It is ideal for sealing many low surface load applications and is potable water approved.

From $19.32

Conafi General Purpose Gasket Sheet

Tough, strong and highly versatile. Conafi has been developed for industrial sealing applications and withstands a range of chemicals and media (including oils, fuels, water and weak acids) and will handle up to 220°C. Available in a range of sizes.

From $23.10

Gore Gore-Tex GR Expanded PTFE Gasket Material

A soft, conformable type of PTFE based gasket material; Gore GR Gasket Sheet compresses into a tough, durable seal. It has excellent resistance to temperature, pressure and chemicals along with class leading tensile strength and reliability.

From $143.32

Gylon Style 3500 Gasket Material

A premium-grade gasket material designed for the most aggressive chemicals and media. Gylon 3500 is made from PTFE with silica fillers and withstands attach from a wide range of media. Available in a selection of thicknesses & sheet sizes.

From $91.01

Gylon Style 3504 Gasket Material

Premium grade gasket material designed for demanding applications. Blue Gylon 3504 has excellent chemical resistance, very strong sealing properties and is approved by the FDA for food grade applications. Available in a selection of sizes.

From $258.31

Klingersil C4400 Gasket Material

Universal gasket material with good all-round chemical, fluid, temperature and pressure resistance. Klingersil C4400 Gasket Material is suitable for use in many sealing applications and is available in a selection of sheet sizes and thicknesses.

From $33.96

Klingersil C4430 Gasket Material

High performance grade of gasket sheet with excellent resistance to oils, fuels, water, steam and much more. Klingersil C4430 Gasket Material has excellent stress retention and good temperature tolerance. Available in a selection of sizes.

From $25.77

KlingerSil Topgraph 2000 Graphite Gasket Sheet

A high temperature gasket material used for sealing up to 300°C with steam; Klingersil Topgraph 2000 Graphite Gasket Sheet combines the benefits of flexible graphite with the strength of synthetic fibres. Available in a selection of sizes.

From $34.05

Oil Jointing General Purpose Gasket Paper

Very economical form of gasket paper that's easy to cut. Oil Jointing Gasket Paper is available in thicknesses ranging from 0.25mm to 3mm and is ideal for making gaskets for low pressure pumps, tanks and connections.

From $9.97

PTFE Sheet - Moulded Virgin Teflon Sheet

Virgin PTFE Sheet available in various sizes. This premium grade engineering plastic offers exceptional heat and electrical insulation, unsurpassed chemical resistance and is non-stick with very low friction. Available in 1.5mm to 12mm Thick.

From $16.13

Red Fibre Vulcanised Gasket Sheet

A tough, resilient and long-lasting gasket material. Red Fibre Sheet is very economical and is often used for making washers, gaskets and wear strips. It’s available in a selection of thicknesses and sheet sizes.

From $9.20

Tanged Graphite Stainless Steel Reinforced Gasket Sheet

A premium grade Graphite Gasket Material with a special, 316 Stainless Steel Tanged Reinforcement. Suitable for high pressure (100 BAR) and high temperatures (-250°C to +450°C). Available in a selection of sizes.

From $156.56