RK-1300 Two Part, High Strength Acrylic Adhesive - 60gm Kit

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  • Thick, Pasty Acrylic Glue that can be applied to vertical or horizontal surfaces.
  • Cures fast to form very high strength bonds.
  • Very easy to use; apply the glue to one side, activator to the other and join.
  • Works with many types of materials including metal, most rigid plastics and ferrites.

RK-1300 Two-Part, No-Mix, High Strength Acrylic Glue is a high strength construction adhesive based on methyl methacrylate (MMA). It has a party consistency and is used to create very high strength bonds that have high impact, peel and shear strength.

RK-1300 is particularly well suited for joining larger surface areas. It works very well with metal (including both passive and active styles) and is also compatible with many types of rigid plastics (such as acrylic, polycarbonate and fibreglass) as well as ceramics and ferrites.

No Mix procedure for RK-1300 Two-Part, No-Mix, High Strength Acrylic Glue

This industrial grade acrylic glue is very easy to use (the video below shows this). Though it is a two-part adhesive, there’s no mixing or measuring involved. For close fitting joins (i.e. those with a bonding gap of 0.4mm or below), simply apply the pasty glue to one side and spread. Once done, apply the activator to the other and join the two parts (for larger bonding gaps up to 0.8mm, apply the activator to both sides).

Once the two bonding surfaces have been joined, the adhesive will set fast. At a room temperature of 20°C, RK-1300 Acrylic Glue achieves 35% cure in just 5 minutes and hits 50% of its final strength after 9 minutes. It will be fully cured within 24 hours.

One additional benefit of the adhesive + activator “No Mix” process used with this glue is time. Parts coated with just the adhesive can be stored for up to 30 days (at room temperature) without loosing effectiveness. This could be a real benefit for anyone with multiple parts to bond as they can prep multiple items with just the adhesive before proceeding to apply the activator and join sequentially. The activator will evaporate around 5 minutes (20°C) after being applied so it is best to join the parts quite quickly after applying this.

Manufactured in Germany by Weicon, this high strength acrylic glue is able to withstand permanent exposure to temperatures up to 130°C (and as low as -50°C) once fully cured. It will also tolerate short-term spikes to +180°C. It has a beige colour after it is cured.

For more technical information on this high quality industrial strength acrylic adhesive, and details on surface pre-treatment and processing, we really do suggest consulting our RK-1300 Two-Part, No-Mix High Strength Acrylic Glue Technical Data Sheet.

Applications for RK-1300 Acrylic Glue

Because of its combination of very high strength, material compatibility and versatility in how it is applied, RK-1300 Acrylic Glue is used in a variety of industries and applications around the world. These include:

  • Vehicle construction and repairs.
  • Tool and mould making.
  • Furniture making and assembly.
  • Building and construction.
  • In the marine and boating industry.
  • Engineering and plant maintenance.
  • In the DIY and renovation sector.



General Material Compatability of RK-1300 Acrylic Glue

  • Metals (such as coated metal, steel, aluminium, copper, zinc alloys and ferrites)
  • Plastics* (such as ABS, polystyrene, hard PVC, polycarbonate, Polyphenylene oxide and polyester moulding compounds)
  • Fibre Composite Materials (including GRP, CRP and fibreglass)
  • Wood and cellulose materials (e.g. MDF)
  • Glass, Ceramics and Stone

Please note Polyamide, PTFE and polyolefin may only be bonded after special treatment of the surface (e.g. low-pressure plasma, corona, flame impingement).

RK-1300 Technical Characteristics

Basis Methyl Methacrylate (MMA)
Colour After Curing Beige
Density of the Mixture 1.2 g/cm³
Viscosity of the Mixture 21,000 MPa
Application Procedure No Mix
Composition Pasty
Handing Strength (35% of Final) 6 Minutes
Capable of Bearing Mechanical Loads
(50% of Final)
9 Minutes
Processing Temperature +10°C to +40°C
Curing Temperature +18°C
Fully Cured (100%) 24 Hours
Adhesive Gap Bridging 0.4mm – 0.8mm
Temperature Resistance
(After Curing)
-50°C to +130°C
(+180° Short-Term)
IMPA Code 81 29 91
ISSA Code 75.629.52
Shear Strength (According to DIN 53281)
Aluminium 20 N/mm²
Sand Blasted Steel 25 N/mm²
Stainless Steel 25 N/mm²
Polycarbonate 10 N/mm²
PMMA 9 N/mm²
ABS 6 N/mm²
Hard PVC 7 N/mm²
Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester 16 N/mm²
Fibreglass Reinforced Epoxy 24 N/mm²
Polyamide 6.6 2 N/mm²


SKU SWP000221
Brand Weicon

Epoxy Casting Resin MS 1000 TDS

RK-1300 Two-Part No-Mix
High Strength Acrylic Glue TDS

Epoxy Casting Resin MS 1000 SDS (Resin)

RK-1300 Acrylic Glue
SDS - Adhesive

Epoxy Casting Resin MS 1000 SDS (Hardener)

RK-1300 Acrylic Glue
SDS - Activator


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