3M Temflex 1610 PVC Tape Black - 18mm Wide x 20 Metres

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  • High quality PVC tape for reliable performance.
  • Available in a large selection of colours.
  • Excellent physical toughness, adhesion and conformability.

3M Temflex 1610 PVC Electrical Tape is a very high quality grade of PVC electrical tape that embodies the quality for which 3M is known. This tape is highly conformable and can be easily applied in tight wraps to all kinds of shapes and surfaces. It uses a vinyl backing and is available in a selection of bright and distinct colours.

3M Temflex 1610 PVC Tape is just 0.15mm thick and can therefore be used for bundling and wrapping while adding very little additional bulk. It has a high dielectric strength and a maximum elongation rating of 200% which allows for stretching during application. Once applied, Temflex 1610 withstands abrasion, tearing, weathering and attack from a range of chemicals.

3M and Temflex are trademarks of 3M.

Applications for Temflex 1610 Tape.

  • Lead, cable and phase identification
  • Colour coding of piping systems
  • Floor marking and identification of safety areas in facilities
  • Bundling and wrapping
  • Low, medium and high voltage cable splicing
  • Harnessing wires and cables
  • As a protective overwrap for other forms of primary electrical insulation (e.g. mica tapes)
Backing Material Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Adhesive Rubber Based Adhesive
Thickness (Overall) 0.15mm
Ultimate Elongation 200% (ASTM D 1000)
Continuous Operating Temperature 0°C to 80°C
Dielectric Strength >39.4 kV/mm
Adhesion to Steel 1.75 N / 10mm (ASTM D 1000)
SKU SWM000049B01
Brand 3M

Can Temflex 1610 be used outdoors?

Yes. 3M Temflex 1610 is resistant to weathering, UV and fading and can be used indoors or outdoors. In fact, it has often been used for weather-proofing connections and fittings.

How should I apply Temflex 1610?

Generally, for wrapping you should apply this electrical tape using half-lapped layers with enough tension on them to force the tape to conform and create a nice, smooth layer. Do note, this tension will cause the tape to stretch a little which means its width will be reduced. This is normal. Do not apply tension when applying the last wrap though to prevent the tape springing loose (flagging).

More details on application methods are provided on the 3M Temflex 1610 Electrical Tape TDS.

What kind of adhesive does this tape have?

3M Temflex 1610 uses a rubber based adhesive.

What temperatures will 3M Temflex 1610 handle?

Maximum continuous operating temperature for Temflex 1610 is 80°C while it’s minimum is 0°C.

Are other widths available?

Not of this grade unfortunately. If you’re looking for a high quality PVC tape in other widths may we suggest our 3M Scotch 35.

Are other colours available?

There are but they’re a little more rare. Green, Brown and Yellow are also made. If you are definitely chasing some of these please don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll try and track them down for you.