Plastic Metal HB 300 Steel Filled Epoxy - 1kg Kit

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  • Pasty epoxy repair compound that can be used for bonding, filling, lining, sealing and rebuilding damaged components.
  • Made from steel filled epoxy resin for superior mechanical strength and toughness.
  • High temperature resistant. Withstands ongoing exposure to 200°C and short-term spikes to 280°C.

Plastic Metal HB 300 is a high quality, versatile epoxy repair compound. Part of the larger Weicon range of Plastic Metal epoxies, HB 300 is made from steel filled epoxy resin and sets hard to form a tough, long lasting mass.

HB 300 is very versatile and can be used for bonding, sealing, lining, filling or rebuilding work. It will bond well to almost all kinds of materials and surfaces including steel, iron, aluminium, copper, brass, glass, ceramics, concrete, wood and most types of plastic (except for PTFE, polyethylene and polypropylene).

This grade of plastic metal has a 1:1 mix ratio and is quite pasty once the two parts have been mixed and can be applied to vertical surfaces. When it has been properly mixed it will have a pot life of about 30 minutes (200gm at 20°C). HB 300 cures with very little shrinkage (0.015%) and can be applied in layers up to 20mm thick. It will achieve 50% of its final strength after about 12 hours and be fully cured in around 24 hours.

Cured HB 300 will be dark grey in colour and very hard (shore hardness 85 Shore D). It will also have excellent temperature resistance. HB 300 Plastic Metal can withstand ongoing temperatures between -35°C and +200°C as well as short-term spikes up to +280°C.

For more information on the technical characteristics of this high-quality epoxy compound, please refer to the Specifications tab or the even more comprehensive information provided on the technical data sheet.

Applications for HB 300 Steel Filled Epoxy

  • High strength bonding of metal sheets and parts (especially when large gaps need to be bridged).
  • Rebuilding damaged or worn surfaces on metal parts.
  • Filling blow holes.
  • Repairing damage to containers, machine parts, tanks and surfaces.
  • Sealing pumps and piping.
  • Many other repair, bonding and reconditioning jobs in the marine, agricultural, energy, engineering and facilities management sectors.
Basis Steel Filled Epoxy Resin
Mix Ratio 1 : 1
Density of the Mixture 2.34 g/cm³
Viscosity of the Mixture 1,700,000 MPa
Colour Dark Grey (after curing)
Maximum Layer Thickness 20mm
Mechanical Strength (50% of Final) 12 Hours (when curing at 20°C)
Final Strength 24 Hours (when curing at 20°C)
Mean Compressive Strength 100 MPa (at 25°C, DIN 53281-83)
Mean Tensile Strength 27 MPa (at 25°C, DIN 53281-83)
Mean Flexural Strength 42 MPa (at 25°C, DIN 53281-83)
Mean e-Modul 9,500 - 10,000 MPa (at 25°C, DIN 53281-83)
Shore Hardness 85 Shore D ( (at 25°C, DIN 53281-83)
Shrinkage During Cure 0.015%
Thermoforming Resistance +120°C
Continuous Temperature Rating -35°C to +200°C
Short-Term Temperature Rating +280°C
Thermal Conductivity 0.3 W/m·K (ISO 8894-2)
IMPA Reference Number 75.509.21
ISSA Reference Number 81 29 51

For more technical information and instructions for getting the best results with HB 300, please see the Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheets located on the media tab.

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